We offer custom painting in the Down East Maine and Bucksport, ME area

When you need to alter or update the look of an item in your home, getting it professionally painted is important. You don’t want to see streaks of paint on your furniture. You need an even coat that’s impeccably applied. Silverline Painting, LLC has a paint shop that offers painting services, including spray painting.

Our painters will get your cabinets, bookshelves or chairs looking as good as new. Call 207-843-6239 today to discuss the painting services you need.


If you love your dresser or bookcase, but it’s starting to look worn out or dated, Silverline Painting, LLC will provide a crisp new finish. There are numerous reasons to repaint your old furniture, such as:

  1. It’s a simple way to update an item instead of buying a new one
  2. It’s not permanent, in case you want to refinish the wood or change colors
  3. It’s an easy way to refresh an ornate piece you love

Don’t spend hours trying to repaint a piece of furniture. Get Silverline Painting, LLC to provide custom painting in coastal regions near Down East Maine, Ellsworth, and Bucksport, Maine.